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Ccentric is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Lighthouse Group, a leading provider of executive coaching and leadership development programs.

Building a strong leadership team is the cornerstone of sustainable business success.

At Ccentric, we understand the challenges executives face in today’s dynamic market. That’s why we’ve partnered with Lighthouse Group, a renowned specialist in developing world-class leadership teams.

Together, Ccentric and Lighthouse Group offer a more powerful approach to leadership development for healthcare organisations.

Ccentric’s expertise in executive search ensures we place the right leaders in your organisation. Our in-depth understanding of the healthcare landscape allows us to identify top talent aligned with your specific needs.

Lighthouse Group’s proven leadership development programs, founded by experienced CEOs with over 75 years of combined experience, then empowers these leaders to thrive. Their unique ACE model (Align, Change, Empower) guides CEOs and C-suite executives through a transformative journey.

This integrated approach unlocks the full potential of your leadership team:

  • Expert Leadership Coaching: One-on-one coaching and support from experienced CEOs, ensuring accountability and personalised guidance tailored to your industry. In first 6-12 months, Executives that have completed the accelerator course have: 
    • Accelerated success aligning and engaging their team and key stakeholders. 
    • Built a high performing culture anchored on disciplined execution.
    • Generated visible progress against priorities.
  • Proven Development Programs: The Lighthouse Group’s ACE framework equips leaders with the skills and strategies to navigate complex healthcare challenges and drive sustainable growth.
  • Focus on Future Leaders: We invest not just in CEOs, but also in high-potential executives, fostering a strong leadership pipeline within your organisation.

Benefits extend beyond your organisation:

  • Out-of-Sector Insights: Lighthouse Group’s experience with Fortune 500 companies provides valuable perspectives to navigate the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.
  • Enhanced Commercial Focus: Ccentric and Lighthouse Group work collaboratively to ensure your leadership development aligns with your organisation’s financial and commercial goals.

Investing in leadership development with Ccentric and Lighthouse Group is an investment in your company’s future. Partner with us to unlock extraordinary results.

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